‘Smallville’ Cast at Comic Con for the Last Time

superman_perv2The cast of the popular television series Smallville sat for what would be the final time at a panel in the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. The actor playing Superman commented on wearing a new suit.

The series will start running its tenth and final season this coming September. It will be hitting its 200th episode during the run, making it the longest-running sci-fi series on television.

Of the questions asked, two of the most sought after inquiries came up. Will Clark Kent finally don “the suit”? Well actor Tom Welling made a statement that went “I make the new suit look fantastic.” This he said after an exclusive footage showed a glimpse of the new, traditional blue-and-red Superman suit, which will hopefully replace the black and silver uniform Welling, 33, has been wearing the past few seasons.

Then, there’s  the question about whether Kent will ever fly. At this one producer Brian Peterson said, “We all know how the comics turn out, so that answers that question.”

When asked about what is the favorite scene of Welling, he replied the episode with Christopher Reeve, the actor who donned the cape in the first four Superman films.