Smartphone Comparison Chart: iPhone, Pre, Moto Droid, Nexus One

Smartphone Comparison ChartWith the unveiling of the newest smart phone, the Google Nexus One, I’m sure a lot of you are thinking how does it compare to other smartphones available on the market today like the Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid, and Palm Pre.

To answer your curiosity, BillShrink has made a comparison chart of the 4 smartphones mentioned above for you to see the total cost of ownerships. See the chart below.

It is hard to decide just based on specs but if you want thousands of apps then you know what to pick. If you’re into unlimited usage plans, then go for a Pre or Nexus One. In the end, user experience is still the ultimate selling point for all smart phones.

Smartphone Comparison Chart: The chart is not that accurate but it will give you the idea.

Nexus One vs iPhone, Droid & Palm Pre