SMART’s “for adults only promo” revealed!

Smart Communications Inc.Smart Communications has finally unveiled its “18 and UP” promo that has been lingering around Facebook for the past 2 weeks. Last July 20, we reported the promo here at DC that SMART is up for something BIG and FREE this July 30 and it’s for “18 and Up Only”. We have no idea back then but today, they’ve decided to reveal it ahead of schedule.

After a few clues posted by SMART on their Facebook page, it turns out that the promo will be free for all and not restricted for a certain age bracket. Yay!

So what is it?

July 30, 2010 is TGIFreeday! It means that this coming Friday, Smart will let all prepaid and postpaid Smart and Talk N Text subscribers to use free mobile internet from 12mn until 11:59pm of July 30. No registration, no special keywords needed. It’s FREE for all every Friday!


So go ahead and tweet, plurk, post, surf, blog, chat, email, Google, Yahoo, Uzzap, GoMail, BBM and do whatever you want FOR FREE!

To know more about the promo, you can visit SMART’s facebook page or read the T.G.I.Freeday – FAQs.