Sodexo releases Workplace Trends Report

sodexoSodexo, company that offers services and insight dealing with people and workplace environment, just revealed their annual Workplace Trends report for year 2013. The report combined information from human resource trade organizations, academia, principal research, leading facilities management as well as from clients. Using user satisfaction surveys, psychographic analysis, information from industry associations as well as social media reports, they managed to identify 12 noticeable workplace trends.

Workforce today is more complex and dynamic than ever before, and as such, requires the workplace environment more flexible. Expectations about corporate social responsibility and positive working environment are also more important than ever. Based on the report, sustainability has become an important issue as well – sustainable building materials, recycled products, energy-efficient offices. It’s all more important than ever before.

The report also showed that the way companies are finding prospective employees are now more than ever being found through social media channels. Today as much as 7 out of 10 employers have made successful hires through social media.

The 12 trends also brought out frightening statistics about workplace bullying. According to that, 35 percent of U.S. workforce report being bullied. Yes, at work.

The 2013 Workplace Trends Report represents a sample size of more than 1,000 end users.

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