Solve Sudoku…win a house!

A 49-year-old finance broker from England is trying to beat the current market slump by raffling his three-bedroom house — in a Sudoku contest.

solve sudoku win a house

Homeowner Dave Mackie, a puzzle buff, is offering his $934,000 Hambleton home as top prize in an online competition after deciding to move to Egypt.

Mackie hopes to beat the recession by getting 14,000 people to pay $70 to join and solve the brainteaser.

Participants who complete the online Sudoku board will be entered into a raffle – with the winner announced in February 2010, or when 14,000 contestants sign up.

The detached red-brick home has four bathrooms, a sauna, steam room, two balconies and front and rear landscaped gardens.

“All people have to do is click on the website, use their skill, knowledge and judgment to solve the Sudoku puzzle, and pay the entry fee. Everyone gets a unique entry number and all the entrance fees are held in a separate bank account opened specifically for the competition,” Mackie said.

Those who are interested in joining the competition should go to

And here’s the Sudoku puzzle…

Good luck!