Sony Confirms 250GB PS3

ps3Sony has confirmed that it will launch 250GB PlayStation slim model (CECH-2000B) in November this year.

If you are a PS3 fan craving for a bigger hard drive, Here’s what we have for you.

The new Console will launch on November 3rd at a SRP of $349.99. Adding Fifty Bucks for an extra 100GB storage is not that bad. North American consumers will be the first ones to get this 250GB PS3 Slim model

The PS3 platform is poised for a tremendous holiday season,” offered Scott Steinberg, vice president of product marketing for Sony US.

“The new 250GB PS3 provides consumers with another compelling hardware option and speaks to the growing consumer appetite for digital content from the PlayStation Network – particularly high-definition content that showcases the power of the PS3 system.

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim doesn’t offer users to install games on the hard drive. However, Sony is pushing PlayStation Network’s 2300 movies through the video delivery service. Some of these are available in High Definition.


Product Features:

* 250GB HDD for storing games, music, videos, and photos
* High-Definition Blu-ray player for the best movie experience
* Free PlayStation Network membership
* Plays DVDs and CDs
* Internet ready with built-in Wi-Fi

It is available for pre-order on