Soon, a pill to keep you sober while drinking

Stay Sober Pill

Scientists from the University of Adelaide are developing a pill that could help people with alcohol problems stay sober, a new report has revealed.

In a lab experiment, mice given the unnamed drug along with large amounts of booze didn’t get drunk, or even tipsy. They were able to move around without stumbling and had faster reflexes than mice who were not given the drug.

The scientists focused on glial cells, which make up 90 percent of the brain. According to lead researcher Mark Hutchinson, if you turn off those cells, which play a crucial part in the immune system, you can’t get drunk.

We drink to have fun or to get absolutely wasted. Yes, this drug would prevent the whole point of drinking, but it would also prevent accident related deaths, which are at times triggered by alcohol abuse.

If you want to stay sober using support from other former addicts, then you need to join a support group, especially one that focuses on the addiction you have just recovered from.