Soul Kitchen: Jon Bon Jovi’s “Pay What You Can” Restaurant

New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi is spreading the love.

The Bon Jovi frontman has opened Soul Kitchen, a restaurant where everything on the menu has no price. Customers are given the chance to pay what they can, whether in money or through deed. Soul Kitchen, located in Red Bank, N.J., is open to everyone. Those who don’t have any money at all can “pay” for what they want to eat by doing volunteer work. An hour of volunteer work is enough for one to enjoy a three-course meal.

“When I learned that one in six people in this country goes to bed hungry, I thought this was the next phase of the (Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation’s) work,” the 49-year-old musician told the Associated Press. While the restaurant is primarily aimed at helping those who can’t afford to pay for their meals, Bon Jovi is also hoping that the moneyed ones will come to share what they have by “donating” cash in exchange for a good meal. “There’s no prices on our menu, so if you want to come and you want to make a difference, leave a $20 in the envelope on the table,” he said.