South African Beach Reopens After Shark Attack

Beaches in Cape Town re-opened after the incident of a man being killed and eaten by a great white

The city, one of South Africa‘s three capitals, issued the warning of increased  shark sightings in the area and have advised swimmers to exercise great caution. In a statement from the city, the beaches were declared safe but shark spotting and lifesaving activities will continue. It advised swimmers to go in groups and to not go to areas where the water is above waist level.

The man, Loyd Skinner, was attacked three times by the shark before he was dragged under water. The shark according to witnesses was 4 meters longs. Rescuers combed the area of Fish Hoek Beach for two days in the hopes of finding Skinner’s body. He was attacked 100 meters from the shore. A total of eight sharks were seen over the weekend sending the total sighting in the area to 570 from the last six years.

Swimmer Kyle Johnston reported that a man’s leg was spotted out in the sea from the beach’s walkway. He was an engineer and was 37 years old.

The last incident of a shark attack in the area was in 2004 when a 77-year old woman was killed 150 meters off shore.