Space Shuttle Discovery Landing Delayed Again

The seven astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery will have to circle the Earth one more time before they can come home after fog and rain occurred in the landing site in Kennedy Space Center.Discovery

This makes the second day in a row that Discovery was not able to make a landing. The Space Shuttle was not able to land Monday, April 19, due to rainy and cloudy weather.

“We understand about the wave off,” Discovery commander Alan Poindexter commented about the delay. “That makes sense to us.”

Discovery came from a 15-day trip from the International Space Station where it delivered tons of supplies, science equipments and spare parts. It also performed three maintenance spacewalks.

It is its 38th flight. In September it will be flying its last mission, which will incidentally be the last mission also for the Space Shuttle program. It has been in use since its first flight way back in 1984.