Spanish Royal Family Gets Inheritance from Millionaire

A business tycoon millionaire in the island of Menorca, Spain has bequethed his wealth to the Spanish Royal Family. His estate is worth tens of millions of euros.prince-asturias

Juan Ignacio Baladar Llabres has left instructions in his last will and testament that his entire wealth be divided in to two. The first half will be distributed to the eight grandchildren of King Juan Carlos I and the other half be given to Crown Prince Felipe and wife Crown Princess Letizia, formally The Prince and Princess of Asturias (pictured with children), so that they can create a foundation that deals with matters of great interests.

The King and Queen Sofia have a combined eight grandchildren from their three children. By Prince Felipe: The Infanta Leonor and the Infanta Sofia. By Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo: Don Froilan and Doña Victoria. By Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca: Don Juan, Don Pablo, Don Miguel and Doña Irene. The oldest among the eight is Don Froilan who is 11.

The Prince and Princess of Asturias said that they did not know Llabres. They are still waiting for the executors for further details before making any decisions. They are also waiting if any relatives, if there were any, would contest the will and express their rights to the wealth.

Llabres died November 18 and his will was opened December 11. His fortunes, which include real estates and stock market investments, are considered to be the biggest in the town of Ciutadella, the newspaper Ultima Hora Menorca reported.