‘Star Trek’ to Come Pre-Loaded on Seagate Hard Drives

Seagate Technology and Paramount Pictures have combined forces in what could be a precedent-setting promotional technique by shipping movies with new hard drives. Seagate is selling its 500-gigabyte hard drive pre-loaded with 21 movies, including the 2009 version of “Star Trek.” The pre-loaded hard drive will sell for only $100 online compared to $140 for the empty version of the hard drive. The offer launched on Monday will last for a month.

Paramount will, however, continue to exercise control over the movies included in the HD, as they come with a Windows-based digital rights management that blocks file sharing. Users also need to register online and pay a one-time fee of up to $15 each to watch the movies. The movies use around 50 gigabytes of space. The promotion is the latest effort by the studio to reverse the trend of falling DVD sales amid the growing sophistication of multimedia pirates. Other companies, such as Wal-Mart, are slashing prices on DVD to attract more buyers.