Steve Ballmer confirms new Xbox by 2010


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has disclosed in a recent speech in Chicago that there definitely will be a new Xbox console on store shelves by 2010, despite constant denials by Microsoft execs.

Detailing the new console’s specifications, Ballmer describes the console to a very similar degree with Project Natal, Microsoft up and coming next-generation controller system, reportedly for the current Xbox 360. However, it has been noted that this is the first time where the characteristics of Natal were suggested to be housed within the main Xbox console, as opposed to Natal’s original design of being an external peripheral.

Project Natal is the industry code name for Microsoft’s plans of releasing a new controller system that rivals the controller technology that the Nintendo Wii has set. Natal will have capabilities of recognizing audio and video patterns, in addition to motion detection. According to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, Natal will be completely compatible with the current Xbox 360 system, and will not need additional auxiliary support to function.