Steve Jobs Apologizes, Offers Free Case

steve_jobs_iphone4The press conference gave an occurrence that some may say a surprise move, that of the CEO of Apple apologizing for a product – and offers something free in return.

“There are some customers having problems with their iPhone 4s,” said CEO Steve Jobs Friday, July 16. “I apologize to them.” Before apologizing, the usually black long-sleeved mock turtleneck clad executive defended the people behind the smartphone development. “We are human and we make mistakes sometimes. We don’t know everything. But we figure it out pretty fast, and we take care of our customers.”

He actually began the conference explaining that the handset’s antenna problem is a minor issue that is featured in all mobile phones. He stressed out that only a few of the iPhone 4 users are┬ácomplaining about it. By statistics, only 2% of those who bought a unit returned the product.

The problem in question is that the signal reception of the antenna fades or disappears when users grip the device in a conventional way.

As a containment measure, while the company looks for a permanent solution, he said that they would be giving a free case to anyone who bought an iPhone 4. Users who would be availing should grab the opportunity until September 30 only. Anyone who already bought a case through Apple may ask for a refund.