Steve Jobs Working From Home

Steve_JobsThe man behind the great innovations from Apple is apparently taking things in his own hands from his home while supposedly on a medical leave.

Steve Jobs cannot seem to lay off his working mind and spirit as he is being reported to be working from home. The Wall Street Journal says that the CEO is highly involved in decisions and product development. Apple Insider, meanwhile, states that Jobs is monitoring the development of the second generation for iPad (said to be currently in production with a release date in the next couple of months) and the fifth generation for iPhone (expected to be released this summer).

Jobs is said to be conducting business meetings at home and via phone. He was also seen in Apple compounds in Cupertino, California and Palo Alto, California with a company executive.

The report is not somewhat of a surprise since he said in January when he announced his medical leave (the second in two years) that he would “continue as CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions for the company.”