Steven Seagal’s stalker gets TRO

A woman who attempted to force entry upon action star Steven Seagal‘s home was slapped with a Temporary Restraining Order.

According to celebrity news source, Seagal’s stalker, a woman named Angela Rain Bates was given a court order to stay 100 yards away from the Hollywood star, his family, and his employee whom she had allegedly assaulted.

Last July 14, Bates had apparently gone to Seagal’s home and when the groundskeeper tried to stop her, she “forcefully kick[ed] him twice, in the groin, and on his shin, causing a two-inch contusion on his leg.”

Bates also threw rocks at Seagal’s window.

When the police arrived, she introduced herself as the wife of Seagal’s deceased father and claimed that she had been living inside the house for over 20 years.

Bates is currently inside a detention facility where she awaits her court hearing for charges of battery, vandalism, and trespassing.