Storm Batters U.S. Southeast

A deadly storm has triggered floods in several southeast states, leaving at least 15 people dead as it moves toward Georgia. The storm flooded Tennessee on Sunday, killing at least 11 people and forcing the evacuation of thousands others . Authorities said about 20 inches of rain was dumped on the state, turning streets into virtual seas.

The storm also affected Mississippi the same day, leaving at least four people dead in its wake. The National Weather Service monitored the storm in Georgia on Monday. Several flights into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport were delayed while traffic grounded to a halt in Metro Atlanta.

Meanwhile, local authorities in Nashville ordered a precautionary evacuation in a bid to prevent more deaths. Police were also sent to provide food and water to motorists who have been stranded on Interstate 40 for some 15 hours. Nashville Mayor Karl Dean said Cumberland River, which passes the city, is near flood level. The NWS said it could take until late Tuesday for water level in Cumberland River to subside.