‘Storm Chaser’ Star Announced Dead, Rumors Says He Committed Suicide

matt-hughes-storm-chaserA documentary reality television series has announced that one of its stars has been dead for several months now. They have dedicated the episode to the said star as it is the last episode where he will be featured.

Matt Hughes, a meteorologist in the cast of Storm Chasers, was died last May 26 from “an injury unrelated to his chasing activities.”

Rumors then spread that he committed suicide. He died on the week when his last episode for the show was shot.

Though many of the viewers only learned of his death after Wednesday’s episode, an obituary for his death was published in the Wichita Eagle last May 30. A fellow colleague, Aaron Blaser, from KAKE-TV (where he previously worked), made a blog post last June 7 regarding Hughes’ suicide. Storm Chaser star Reed Timmer made a Twitter message about his death last October 30.

It is said that Hughes attempted to take his life by hanging himself last May 14 and has been in intensive care in the hospital for several days.

Hughes, 30, is survived by his wife Kendra, and sons Hunter and Collin.