Street Fighter 4 Announced for iPhone

According to a report by IGN, the world’s most popular duel fighting game is coming to the current most popular smartphone on the planet.Street-Fighter-IV-cover

Ken and Ryu of Street Fighter IV is coming to the iPhone this coming March 2010. The exact date and price has not yet been confirmed.

It took several months for Capcom to come up with the mobile version as they were having difficulties on how to make the controls out of a physically buttonless device. The solution they came up with is to create virtual pad and buttons 0n the screen. The company also did not want a sub-par visuals of the characters when compared to their console brothers.

Capcom promised that each player will have their complete moves sets – including their ultras.

While other characters were not yet confirmed, new characters were developed for the mobile version.

Faithful to the Street Fighter series, the iPhone edition will feature a multiplayer mode. The application will be using the device’s Bluetooth features.