Student Appointed Police Chief in Troubled Mexican Town

If the veterans can’t solve the drug problem hounding many Mexican towns, maybe a criminology student can accomplish the job. This seems to be the logic adopted by the leaders of the Mexican border town of Praxedis G. Guerrero as they appointed a 20-year-old female student to lead the municipality’s 13-strong police force.

Marisol Valles, who looks more like a regular college student than a police officer of a town in the middle of a brewing drug war, was appointed to the position over a week ago by Mayor Jose Luis Guerrero. Valles’ appointment has raised not a few eyebrows in Mexico, not necessarily for her rawness, but more for the danger that goes with the position. Praxedis Guerrero is one of the towns in the Juarez valley, where the number of police officers being executed is piling amid an intense war among drug cartels.

Despite the heavy burden thrust upon her, Valles, a mother of an infant son, remains unfazed. “The situation can improve if we believe in ourselves and believe there is hope. I want to carry this through and show that we can do this,” she said.