Student Earns 900 USD while Waiting in Line for iPad 2

The iPad 2 went on sale at shops in the United States and college student Amanda Foote was the first one in line to get the new generation tablet at Apple’s most famous store in Fifth Avenue, New York (pictured). She has been on guard since 5 pm Wednesday, March 9, and has braved through rain, coldness, three hours of sleep and strangers eating some of her doughnuts.

However, she is not a fan of Apple. It turned out that she was trying a tactic done by some people who fell in line during the release of iPhone 4, and that is to sell their spots in the line.

“I’m a college student and it’s an easy way to make money and it’s kind of an adventure,” she said. “I mean I just kind of chilled for two days straight.”

Well, her efforts paid off. She was offered 600 USD during her first hour of waiting and at that rate she opted to wait some more. A businessman who wanted to use the thinner and lighter iPad 2 for a business trip offered her 900 USD for the spot 40 hours later.

What does she plan on spending the money she earned? Well, Foote may not be an Apple fan but she is a fan of Lady Gaga. She is now thinking of buying tickets to the singer’s concert.