Study Reveals Calcium and Heart Attack Link

Elderly people taking calcium supplements to fight osteoporosis may be doing so at the expense of their hearts, a study published on Friday in the British Medical Journal suggests.

According to researchers in a clinical trial involving healthy elderly women, calcium supplements that supposedly help prevent the bone from becoming brittle increased the risk of heart attacks among the subjects. To verify the link between calcium supplements and heart attacks, researchers at the University of Auckland studied the records of 12,000 people, both male and female, who had previously joined 11 separate clinical trials. The result of the review showed that those who took calcium supplements had 30 percent more risk of suffering a heart attack.

The new study contradicts previous findings where increased calcium intake through food did not affect cardiovascular health or increase risk of heart attack. Researchers said the new study indicates that the popularity of calcium supplements may lead to a wider health problem that could affect not only the elderly but the whole population.