Super Bowl Weekend Boosts Sex Trade

While talks about who between Peyton Manning and Drew Brees will lead his team to NFL glory are taking the limelight, an underground industry is secretly benefiting from the Super Bowl buzz. Police and volunteer groups in Miami said they are bracing for a spike in underage prostitution during the Super Bowl weekend. Regina Bernadin of the Florida Department of Children and Families said the sex trade booms whenever there is a big event in the state.

Reports said pimps and prostitutes from as far as New York and Texas usually come to Florida every time there is a significant event. As evidence that big events such as the Super Bowl and prostitution go together, more than 200 online ads for escort service were posted online as of Saturday night, a big jump from the less 40 sites monitored last month.

Brad Dennis of a volunteer group engaged in saving underage prostitutes blamed the party atmosphere associated with the Super Bowl for spike in sex trade activity. “Super Bowl is an entertainment event … with lots money to spend, it’s a traffickers’ playground.”