Survivor Castaway Technically Voted Out Himself

survivor-Season20In what is probably the very first time in Survivor history, a castaway unwittingly voted himself off. Some even described it as the most shockingly stupid tribal council ever.

Tyson Apostol, originally from Survivor: Tocantins made a vote that caused him to leave the game together with James Clement in a double elimination episode.

Rob Mariano planned on voting off either Russel Hantz or Parvati Shallow. To do this, three of them would vote Russel, while another three would vote Parvati. At the tribal council, Russel gave his immunity idol to Parvati who played it. Tyson changed his vote giving Parvati four votes and Rusell 2 votes not knowing that there were three votes against himself. When the votes were cancelled for Parvati, Tyson had the higher number of votes versus Russel and was thus voted out.

For the Heroes tribe, the group finally made the right decision by voting off injured James Clement. The tribe opted to save him last time even though he is already a liability. Tom Westman went home that time instead. The group decided to keep Colby Donaldson ,who already accepted his fate that he was next to go home, to keep the tribe stronger.