Susan Boyle gets a Harper’s Bazaar Makeover

susan boyle makeover 02

Susan Boyle gets a makeover for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

The Britain’s Got Talent runner-up posed for a fashion shoot called: “Susan Boyle: Unsung Hero”, where she donned designer clothes by Michael Kors and J.Crew. She also wore Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.

“It was just overwhelming — to find TV stations camped outside your door and the phone ringing 24 hours a day,” Boyle said in the magazine interview. “It was good. But overwhelming. It was too big for anyone to handle.”

Boyle became a YouTube sensation for her rendition of “Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables during her audition in Britain’s Got Talent. She eventually made it through the finals and won first runner-up. She is currently recording her first album.

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