Svetlana Pankratova: The World’s Longest Legs


worlds-longest-legsSvetlana Pankratova is currently the Guinness World Record holder for having the longest legs. Pankratova the world’s longest legs has been showing them off and have been traveling around the world from the day she broke the world record.

Ms Pankratova’s long legs and short skirt drew a large crowd of admirers at the New York’s Time Square as she made her US debut on Monday. The woman with the world’s longest legs is from Russia, standing 6 feet 5 inches, with legs measuring 51.9 inches. Pankratova’s first U.S. appearance starts a week long national celebration of record-breaking events for Guinness World Records.

Her unussual long legs have not held her back to meet her partner:

“I have a boyfriend who is 6′ 1″, so I’m fine. I don’t really mind dating a shorter person. He doesn’t have to be taller, obviously not someone who is like 5′ 2″ either. It’s not a problem.”, Svetlana said