Swaziland Couple Splits House, Wife Takes Roof

A Swaziland court has granted a woman to take all her belongings from her husband’s house, which will include the roof that was built using her money.swaziland

Sikelela Dlamini was shocked to discover that his house has been stripped bear after his former wife Busisiwe Ginindza took things that she own as directed by a divorce judge.

Dlamini has thrown out his wife last year after a fight. Ginindza then applied to the court at Manzini to acquire all her properties including the roof, which she paid for. The court granted her request this year.

The wife waited until her husband was away before bringing in the police to get her things at their home in the village of Mvutjini. The police was brought in to make sure there would be no incident.

The couple’s 14 year old son is staying with the father and Ginindza is complaining that the boy has not been able to go to school lately because his father has locked him at home.