Swiss company creates extra-small condoms for 12-year-olds

Condom for Pre Teens

Lamprecht AG, a leading condom manufacturer in Switzerland, is selling condoms especially aimed at 12 to 14-year-old boys.

Dubbed the Hotshot, the prophylactic was developed after government research showed tween boys did not use protection when having sex. It is smaller than the average condom and costs around $7 for a packet of six.

The company announced that the UK would be “top priority” if they expand abroad, since it suffers from the highest rate of underage conception in Europe.

The Hotshot has reportedly been supported by several organizations, including family planning groups, but do you think it is a good idea to market a new brand of condom for pre-teens? Let us know in the comments section below this post.

[Image credit: Wikimedia Commons]