Tahrir Square Violence Continues as Egyptian Cabinet Resigns

Egyptian government Cabinet members folded up amid mounting protests over the past few days, submitting their resignation late Monday even as violence continued to erupt around Tahrir Square in the capital Cairo.

CNN reported that violence again erupted in Tahrir Square, which has been the center of protests against the military-led government that replaced nine months ago the ousted regime of President Hosni Mubarak. The fresh violence came just hours after Cabinet members tendered their resignation to military rulers.

Justice Secretary Mohamed Abdelaziz al-Juindy said their resignation was caused by the violent dispersal being carried out by government forces against protesters in Tahrir Square. “I resigned because of the events in Tahrir (Square), because of the political responsibility,” the justice minister said.

Clashes over the past several days have led to the death of at least 22 people, with over a thousand others believed to have been wounded or injured. The Supreme Council for the Armed Forces, which currently rules the country, has said that it is investigating the violent dispersals. The Council has set parliamentary elections on November 28, although there are speculations that it would take longer for a civilian-led government to take over the country.