Taliban Suicide Bombers Attack Kabul

Some suicide bombers attacked central Kabul Monday, January 18.  A supposed spokesperson of the Taliban claimed that they are their members.nato-airstrike-kills-dozens-in-afghanistan

“It is our work, the targets are the (presidential) palace, the finance, justice and mines ministries, and the central bank,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP via phone from an undisclosed location. “Twenty of our suicide bombers have entered the area and fighting is ongoing.”

Explosions and gunfire rocked parts of Kabul leaving two shopping centers in smokes. Insurgents entered another shopping center, which is five-storey high to gain position points against the military.

At least four insurgents wearing bomb-filled vests died while injuring 38 others.

NATO forces secured the city roads in the hopes of trapping the Taliban who took control of the buildings.

Kabul, being the capital, is Afghanistan‘s heart of politics, economy and diplomacy. President Hamid Karzai was scheduled to swear in some appointed cabinet members in the city when the bombings occurred. The last significant attack in Kabul occurred last February when militants attacked the justice ministry and other government buildings.