Tarantino: ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ coming in 2014


Quentin Tarantino is planning another “Kill Bill” sequel.

The director wants Uma Thurman to reprise her role as Beatrix Kiddo – more commonly known as The Bride – for a third time, but warns fans they face a long wait for the third instalment in the martial arts franchise.

He said: “The Bride will fight again! I gotta wait a couple years because I wanted 10 years to pass.

“There are two reasons why. One, I think Uma and I needed a 10-year break cause the first one was so hard. And second, I really love the character. I think she deserves a 10-year release of no fighting and being with her daughter Bebe, just of peace. I put her through a lot in those first two movies, I want her to have a nice, peaceful life for 10 years. I want her to set up her store, and have some peace. But after ten years we’ll make her fight again.”

According to the filmmaker, a release date of 2014 would be likely for the movie.