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Target apologizes for selling ‘illegal alien’ Halloween costume


Target apologized Friday after receiving several complaints from customers and immigrant rights organizations for selling an “illegal alienHalloween costume on its website.

The outfit, which costs around forty bucks, features a space alien mask, an orange jumpsuit with the words “illegal alien” emblazoned on the front and a large “green card.”

According to Hector Flores of LULAC, one of the largest Latino civil rights organizations in the U.S., the costume is racist in nature.

“The costume, while clearly depicting a supposed visitor from space, can generate images as portrayed a la Lou Dobbs, with his inflammatory pictures of people crawling over the fences on the southern border of the U.S., or anti-immigrant,” Flores said.

Target spokesman Joshua Thomas says the company will be removing the costume from the site. He told Pegasus News by phone that they were made aware of the outfit through calls to its customer relations office. Thomas adds, “We went into the process of pulling it from Target.com. It takes about 24 hours. The costume will be taken down either late Friday or early Saturday.”