Taylor Hicks, Jamie Foxx and Natalie Cole perform on ‘Idol’ (video)


Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks as well as Natalie Cole, and this week’s mentor Jamie Foxx performed on American Idol Wednesday night.

Taylor, back in all his Soul Patrol glory, sang Seven Mile Breakdown, the latest single from his CD, The Distance. And guess what? The 32-year-old singer earned a standing ovation from the judges.

Natalie Cole arrived on stage to sing Something’s Gotta Give while Jamie Foxx performed Blame It, the second single off his third studio album Intuition.

VIDEO: Taylor Hicks sings ‘Seven Mile Breakdown’ on American Idol (April 29)

VIDEO: Natalie Cole performs ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘ on American Idol (April 29)

VIDEO: Jamie Foxx sings ‘Blame it’ on American Idol (April 29)