Tears of Death


Do you cry? Well, humans cry when feeling sad or are in pain. But what if it could kill you, would you still cry? That is the said reality for Tianna Lewis McHugh who was diagnosed with Reflex Anoxic Seizure. This could condition can kill her if she does cry for a prolonged period of time. She has actually undergone several seizures but fortunately enough, her parents were there to save her.

When she does undergo a seizure, her skin turns pale, her hearts stops beating and she stops breathing. Truly frightening.

“When she has fits it’s horrendous,” said Andy (her father). “When she starts to cry we usually have to flick water in her face to bring her out of the shock.”

I am not sure if this condition will last her lifetime but hopefully not. Our life is full of downs that sometimes crying is the only way out. Unfortunately for Tianna, she does not have that luxury. What’s more, in terms of love, she would have to find the one on the first try or else…