Ted Kennedy Daughter Kara Kennedy Dies at 51

Ted-Kennedy-Daughter-Kara-KennedyKara Kennedy, the eldest child of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, died in Washington on Friday. She was 51.

Kara Kennedy reportedly collapsed after her daily workout, the Associated Press said. The exact cause of her death was not immediately known, but Kara Kennedy was a cancer survivor who had a malignant tumor removed from her lungs in 2003. Her brother, former Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Joseph Kennedy II, told People.com that Kara’s treatment “took quite a toll on her and weakened her physically. Her heart gave out.” Patrick confirmed his sister’s death by saying: “she’s with dad.”

Joan Kennedy, Kara’s mother, said that her daughter had recovered fully from cancer and was in good health. “She was very healthy. That’s why this is such a shock,” Joan Kennedy told the Associated Press in a phone interview on Saturday. Kara Kennedy was married to Michael Allen, with whom she had two children, Grace and Max.

Unlike her brother, Kara Kennedy never followed the footsteps of her father, although she was a significant figure during her father’s presidential and senate campaigns. She was a television producer and was known for her promotion of better understanding of fetal alcohol syndrome.