Teenager Commits Suicide by Cutting His Own Penis

cilacap map3A nineteen year old teenager attempted to end his life by cutting his penis after he learned that his girlfriend will be marrying another man.

After cutting his member, he threw it in a well. It has not been found as of the moment.

The boy, only identified as AMD, came from Cilacap district in Central Java. (map shown)

He was rushed to a hospital. Doctors declared him to be in critical condition but managed to save his life. He is considered to be lucky as cutting one’s genitals is considered to be fatal.

The young man thought that by throwing his severed genital in a well, he would be committing suicide. He believes that nobody would be able to save his life that way.

He spent a few days in intensive care and is now recovering. He is still refusing to talk about the incident and does not want to see anyone as he is still in shock and, well, embarrassed about the incident.