Teenagers Found Man’s Body Instead of Eggs in Easter Hunt

Two teenagers who were participating in the annual Easter Egg Hunt found a man’s body instead of eggs.Easter-Egg-Hunt

After confirmation, the man was identified to be that of Goddi Ishima. He was 34.

His body was found 300 yards away from the area of the hunt that is being held in Beaverdale Park, Des Moines, Iowa. The couple was accompanying their younger siblings to the hunt and wandered away from the rest of the crowd when they made the discovery.

About 100 children were participating in the hunt.

Police Sgt Chris Scott stated that they are not suspecting any foul play but an autopsy will be conducted. The police did not want to confirm or deny initially the reports that the body was found hanging in a tree. Later reports confirmed that a rope was around Ishima’s neck while the other end is tied up in a tree. Police still don’t want to assume that it was suicide.

The dead man’s name was not released until after his family was informed about his death.