Teener Charges Mom with Harassment Over Facebook Hacking

A 16-year-old boy in Arkansas has asked a local court to stop his mother from having contact with him after she allegedly changed the password of his Facebook account and posted slanderous information against him. In court papers, the teenager says that his mother, Denise New, changed the password of his Facebook account after she learned that he drove 95 mph from Hot Springs to the home of his grandmother, who has custodial rights of the younger New.

Denise New of Arkdelphia said it was within her legal rights to “monitor” and “have conversation” with her son on Facebook “whether it’s his account. or your account or whoever’s account.” New said she will fight the harassment charge filed against her by her own son as “this could be a precedent-setting moment for parents.”

Prosecutor Todd Turner refused to comment about the complaint, citing the complainant’s being still a minor. The teenager asked for a no-contact order last month. New, who has vowed to “fight” the charge, will appear in court again on May 12.