Terror Suspect Zazi Pleads Guilty to Subway Bombing Plot

The airport bus driver who was arrested in September on suspicion of planning to bomb the New York subway system has pleaded guilty to the charge. Najibullah Zazi admitted that he is an al-Qaeda supporter. He also said that he was involved in a conspiracy to sow chaos and “conduct a martyrdom operation on the New York subway lines.” He had previously denied all the charges hurled against him.

Zazi, whose sentencing has been set on June 25, was arrested in possession of a laptop where bomb-making instructions and recipes for explosives were found. The botched bomb plot was supposed to take place just days after the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks last year, he told District Judge Raymond Dearie.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the September plot would have had resulted in many casualties had it not been stopped. He credited accurate intelligence analysis and immediate action by the police for preventing what could have been another devastating catastrophe.