Thai Prime Minister Survives No Confidence Vote

Abhisit-VejjajivaThe beleaguered Prime Minister of Thailand survived a vote of no confidence brought by the opposition in parliament.

Abhisit Vejjajiva took 246 votes against 186 lifting any pressure from within parliament to hold general elections. A vote of 238 is needed to survive the motion. His ruling six-party coalition backed him up during the two-day debates that were broadcasted in television.

The Prime Minister is facing attacks about the way he handled political protests that crippled Bangkok for almost nine weeks. A total of 88 people died and more than 1,800 injured during the demonstrations that affected the country’s economy and tourism.

Protesters were calling for the government, which they believed is an illegal government, to dissolve parliament and call for elections. The Prime Minister offered to hold elections come November but withdrew it when the protesters did not end their demonstrations.

A new election date has still not been announced. The Prime Minister is waiting for some form of stability first before conducting the next polls.