The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards: Cast your votes NOW!

open web awards

The voting has begun in the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, a unique opportunity for the most accomplished websites and services to receive international recognition for their achievements.

During the nominations round, Mashable received over 43,000 verified nominations. They narrowed down this huge pool to the 10 most-nominated sites and services in each category (where 10th place was a draw, they allowed more than 10 nominees in that category).

VOTE NOW: One Vote Per Category Per Day

Now it’s time to vote for your favorites in the first of two voting rounds. You can vote for one company in each category per day until midnight on November 30th. There are 26 categories. Get voting!

Top Tip For Nominees
You got through? Congratulations! Did you know you can create a custom version of our voting widget above to post to your company blog or website? Just visit the Open Web Awards Widget Creator and check the box to preset a category or company. This means your fans only need to enter an email address to vote – simple!

Start Canvassing for YOUR Candidate!
Want others to vote for your favorite site? Of course you do! Why not leave a comment here and on any of the international partner blogs encouraging other readers to add their support? The more you promote your candidate across these blogs, the more likely it is for your site to proceed to the finals!

Vote NOW!