The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards: NOMINATIONS!

Mashable is proud to present the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, a unique opportunity for the most accomplished websites and services to achieve international recognition across scores of influential blogs.

Last year’s Open Web Awards achieved over 250,000 votes combined between Mashable and 50 international blog partners. The Daily Contributor is Mashable’s Blog Partner to the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards.

You can read more about the timeline, categories, rules, sponsors and blog partners at the Open Web Awards site.

Nominate NOW!
The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards is accepting nominations in 26 categories via the widget below. You may nominate a site/company in as many categories as you see fit. However, there is only one nomination per category per e-mail address, so choose wisely.

You can nominate the Daily Contributor in different categories…Wink!

Support the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards! Nominate your favorite sites now!