The Battle for the West

Who will win the west?

Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico are the three Western States that could be crucial on November 4th.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama spent the second-to-last weekend before the general election in these battleground states west of Mississippi. Any of them could help shape who wins the presidency.

Can McCain make a comeback?

A Newsweek poll of registered voters showed Obama with 53 percent to McCain’s 40 percent. The survey found Obama leading in every age group and among men as well as women, and even holding a slim 46-to-44 percent edge among working-class whites.

Sen. McCain is still hoping to profit from his ties to the west, having represented the state of Arizona in Congress for more than 26 years.

Sen. Obama leads by more than six points in Colorado, according to an average of recent polls by the nonpartisan Real Clear Politics. In Nevada, he is ahead of Sen. McCain by three points and in New Mexico has an eight-point advantage.

“We’re going to fight as hard as we can in these states. We want to send the message now that we’re going to go after them and I expect to win them,” the Illinois senator said Monday in New Mexico.

As the front-running Obama campaigned at a baseball stadium, McCain was at an outdoor rally at the New Mexico state fairgrounds in Albuquerque. The Arizona Republican said he had the edge in battleground states in the region, calling himself “a fellow Westerner.”

McCain continued to portray Obama, an Illinois senator, as a tax-and-spend liberal certain to push for more government and higher spending.

“He believes in redistributing wealth,” McCain said. “That’s not America.”