The Celebrities Who Got Evacuated due to Tsunami Warnings

Hawaii_Five_0_CastSome celebrities also had their share of being evacuated due to the tsunami warnings that have been raised across the Pacific.

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and some of the cast and crew of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn were reported to have been evacuated from their set in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. They, however, were able to finish their work for the day. The group was brought to higher grounds.

Comedian and television host Jimmy Kimmel was in French Polynesia for a vacation when he was asked to evacuate. He was even able to send a Twitter message about the incident. “Suddenly, relaxing on an island in the South Pacific isn’t so relaxing anymore. Good thing I brought my aqua stilts,” he wrote.

The cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 were also moved to high grounds. It was not the first time that they have heard tsunami warnings. The fifteenth episode of the series had a plot regarding a tsunami. This time however, they heard the warnings for real. Actor Daniel Dae Kim later confirmed that they are safe and back at work.