‘The Dilemma’ Cuts Gay Scene

The_DilemmaUniversal has announced that they will be deleting a scene from the movie The Dilemma where an actor said that “electric cars are gay.”

Vince Vaughn was the actor who delivered the line. The studio released a statement regarding the matter. On it they said that the teaser trailer “was not intended to cause anyone discomfort.”

The issue took a turn when Anderson Cooper of CNN visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he took a stand against teen bullying. He said that he was shocked about one of the lines in the film used in the film, whcich is, “That’s so gay”.

“They thought that it was OK to put that in a preview for the movie to get people to go and see it,” Cooper said.

Celebrities have been turning their focus in bullying for teen gays. This came in the heels of five teenage boys committing suicide for being bullied as gay. The latest one was Tyler Clementi, a student whom many believe became a tragedy because he was a gifted violinist.

The Dilemma hits theaters January 14, 2011.