The Four Necessary Steps That Lead To The Resurrection Of Afghanistan

AfghanistanWhen restoring civil war-torn nations to their rightful place among the free and independent nations of the world, there is no one quick and easy solution. However, it should be noted that the situation in Afghanistan is rapidly improving, thanks to the efforts of many native born professionals who are returning to their homeland armed with the precious knowledge that they learned abroad during their time in exile.

Restore A Working Communications Network

The first step is to restore a working network of communications in the country, so that native citizens can be placed in real time contact with each other at all times. Punching in a Google search for “Ehsan Bayat afghan wireless” will be highly informative in this regard. Ehsan Bayat is only one of a whole new breed of native born sons and daughters who have returned to their native land in order to restore a reliable communications network over the length and breadth of the country.

Restore A Sense Of Unity

This leads into the next essential phase in the resurrection of Afghanistan: The restoration of a much needed sense of unity and cohesion among its various tribes and social divisions. A fully functioning wireless network cannot banish Al Qaeda and the Taliban all by itself, but it can put its opponents in touch with each other in order to coordinate meaningful resistance against terrorist oppression.

A working wireless network can also lead to meaningful connections being made between employers and workers in all sectors of industry. This can foster excellent new opportunities for development, construction, and employment of all types. A nation that is busy building itself is a nation that can play host to a rapidly developing sense of unity among the people who are working together to accomplish this noble task.

Restore The Spirit Of Free Enterprise

The third step is to restore the spirit of free enterprise in Afghanistan. This means encouraging the spread of entrepreneurship, along with knowledge of the skills that are necessary to achieve it. The establishment of a working wireless network in the country will go a long way toward creating the conditions that are right to foster an atmosphere of commerce and trade.

With the resurgence of a democratic tradition in Afghanistan, the creation of private enterprise must come as a natural byproduct. A nation that is busy and prosperous is a nation of well fed, satisfied, and happy people that are less likely to be prone to fall into the trap of religious fundamentalism and anti-Western propaganda.

Restore The Land To Its Rightful Place Among The Commonwealth Of Nations

Once all of these preliminary goals are accomplished, it will be time to fulfill the fourth and final step: Restore Afghanistan to its rightful place among the commonwealth of nations. The road to the full restoration of the country’s independence will be a long and arduous one, but the most necessary factor in the equation is already in place: A full complement of progressive minded professionals who are ready to guide the war torn nation to a bright new future of peace, progress, and profitability.