The Funeral Wishes of Gary Coleman

gary colemanActor Gary Coleman left specific instructions on his last known will which will leave members of the press scratching their heads.

According from his will, Dion Mial, a friend and former manager, was named as executor of his estate.

Coleman also wanted to be cremated and celebrated at a wake by people with no financial ties to the actor and people who “can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Coleman.”

The most interesting part of his will however is the line: “I direct my personal representative to permit no members of the press to be present at my wake or funeral.”

The will did not include former wife Shannon Price and parents William Coleman, 71, and Sue Coleman, 67.

The actor’s asset is his Utah home which is worth 315,000 USD. According to the lawyers of Mial, medical and funeral costs will be paid first before anyone else gets anything.

The star of Diff’rent Strokes died at the age of 42 last May 28 in a hospital where he was rushed after falling and hitting his head.