The Great Food Truck Race is back!

food-truck-raceEight three-person teams will go on the road with their new food trucks provided by Food Network for the chance of winning $50 000 and keeping their food truck when The Great Food Truck Race returns for the fifth season.

“The food truck industry has become a very viable way to enter the culinary world, and we love giving the winner the keys to their new career,” said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network.

None of the eight teams are current food truck operators, but they do have or at least think they have the skills to succeed in the business.

During the road trip which ends at the sandy beaches of Key West and starts from sunny Southern California they have to compete against each other in city-specific challenges and prove they are better than the rest of the teams. They need to cook, they need to sell, they need to strategize what might be the best way to do it all.

The tasks, the challenges, will be different, from creating a signature dish for selling in Santa Barbara to …. pretty much anything else they are told to do. Only one of them can be the winner.

“Watching these young entrepreneurs hit the road to test their cooking skills and marketing savvy against the backdrop of different cities and food cultures is inspiring and entertaining,” Tuschman added.

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