The Heart Attack Grill Is Under Attack!

If you want to put your life on the line to experience the heavenly taste of fat food, all you have to do is travel to Chandler, Arizona, where Heart-Attack Grill is located.

But this theme restaurant is making health-care professionals’ blood pressure rise, and not because of the menu.

It is because of the waitresses’ naughty nurse uniforms.

The waitresses wear cleavage-baring outfits, high heels and thigh-high stockings.

There’s no need to worry if eating excessively leaves you unable to walk – a waitress (slutty nurse) will be on hand to push you to your car in a wheelchair. They’re trained and ready to attempt resuscitation should you keel over from a massive coronary infection.

The success of Heart Attack Grill has been described as an anti-marketing strategy that works and a case of turning bad press into big business.

Check out the video here.

This is ridiculous. The customers like the gimmick, and the nurse-waitresses like working there! Please be rational.

Throw in the Flatliner Fries – cooked in pure lard – and the calorie count rises to 2,200 – nearly a man’s daily recommended intake.

UPDATE: A customer at the Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas was hospitalized Saturday night after apparently suffering a heart attack. Click here for more.