The Hives sued for music theft

The Hives have been compared to punk bands such as The Ramones. According to their followers, they have visibly mastered their craft, and have begun to shove it beyond its limits without betraying its punk ethic.

But these Swedish rockers are set to be sued for alleged plagiarism by Los Angeles-based songwriter Jason Shapiro, reports Music Radar.

Shapiro claims his song Why You? – recorded by The Roofies in 1997 then again by Three Way in 2002 – was copied by The Hives on their 2007 single Tick Tick Boom.

Citing the lead guitar line and vocal melody, Shapiro believes that the similarities are more than just a coincidence. He also consulted a musicologist before deciding to sue.

So they copied a tune. Get over it. It’s a rubbish tune anyway.

Most modern bands are guilty of the same thing ‘The Hives’ are being slated for here. Look at Coldplay–they’re one of the world’s greatest plagiarists.